Please see below a couple of testimonials from clients we have recently helped:


Worrying Thoughts

If you are someone who, when things start to get on top of you in your daily life and then this begins to escalate and small worries become bigger worries that niggle at you constantly , I would recommend you try hypnotherapy. When someone first suggested it to me I was very sceptical but after experiencing hypnotherapy  myself I would highly recommend it.
At the time I was going through a divorce, holding down a full time career and raising two children. I have always been a worrier and all my worries were taking over. I would worry that I had said something to upset someone, would be constantly double checking that I had locked doors, turned off the hob answered an email. I really began to doubt myself in all aspects of my life which led to a low mood and shutting myself away.
Tara instantly made me feel at ease and talked me through the whole hypnotherapy process. We talked about how the brain worked and about relaxation. Tara is a very calm and positive person who makes you focus on the positives in your life but in small steps so you focus on what has been good in the past week. This can be difficult for us all to often think about the positive as the negative takes over. Tara makes you focus on what you want to achieve and during the hypnotherapy makes you totally relax and feel calm.
I told a few friends and they could see the difference each week as my confidence grew and I believed in myself. During the session you also focus on what makes you happy and how we can make this happen.
I would without any hesitation recommend going to see Tara for hypnotherapy whether it is something small or large you need to overcome or whether sometimes it is a point of relaxation and make our minds re focus on what is important in life.
Tara is the most positive person I know and will have a positive impact on you.

Mum – Bristol

Confidence and Social Anxiety

“I went to Katie because I am set to give a best man speech and was petrified at the thought! I had suffered from social anxiety most of my adult life and just didn’t think I could go through with it, without help.

I had tried hypnotherapy several years ago for social anxiety but without success. What sets Katie aside from other hypnotherapists is that she firstly listens to what it is you want to achieve and then begins to dive in and help you resurface.

 After my sessions with Katie I came out feeling so positive. I felt and acted like I was so much more in control. I am now feeling more relaxed when I’m with people, so am able to think with more clarity and conversations in general seem to come more naturally. I certainly feel the up and coming best man speech isn’t the insurmountable task I once thought it to be!”

IT Consultant – Corsham

Anxiety and Fear of Flying

I have used Tara for trust and anxiety issues as well as for a fear of flying.
The hypnotherapy sessions are not scary at all; Tara is really  approachable and makes you feel completely at ease. Within a few sessions I had noticed how much calmer I was and how I was much more able to deal with things logically and still achieve all the things in my busy life without the stress.
The sessions were an eye opener to my inate capabilities to logically work through things; long forgotten because of “life”. I thoroughly recommend this reset of your brain in order to live in peace and knowing you can achieve it all (and if you don’t it doesn’t matter!).
I flew without alcohol for the first time in about 10 years after some sessions with Tara to remove the fear I had built up about flying. 4 flights in 2 dayswould have previously had me crying and frantic – not this time! I was relaxed and calm and I vaguely even enjoyed the flights!
I really recommend Tara and hypnotherapy for dealing with feeling of anxiety and stress, in order to restore your well-being and also for any phobias you may wish you didn’t have.
Thanks so much for all your help, I really appreciate it! Interestingly I’ve now started a new (thoroughly logical) approach to my health and eating and I can see better times ahead for my health and body too!
Mum – Bristol

Self Confidence and Low Esteem issues leading to fears

“I initially asked Katie for help because I was scared of running down hill in slippy conditions, this came on suddenly after years of not even thinking about it. Katie also helped me address some chronic deep seeded issues with self confidence and low-esteem, so not only did she help me with my primary problem, that actually became super easy to solve, she helped me in my everyday life. This included helping me to find the confidence to change jobs, as well as giving me the tools to unlock potential in my running capabilities. I went from a runner that needed to be assisted by two other runners to walk down a hill to a confident runner down hill and across mud! So much so that I got selected to race in Brussels for the Iris Lotto Cup twice, won the Sodbury Slog and set new course records in Fell racing! Hypnotherapy also gave me new found confidence in my road races capabilities too and more importantly gave me the skills to learn how to relax and switch off from work in the evenings. Katie changed my life and gave me the tool to take control and feel empowered”.

Elite runner – Bristol

 General Anxiety

‘Having suffered from severe anxiety for the last ten years I started
seeing Katie in Autumn 2015 in an effort to cure it.  I felt relaxed and
happy in Katie’s company and enjoyed every hypnotherapy session!  I started
off seeing Katie weekly, then fortnightly and monthly – Katie allows you to
choose your own pace.  The hypnotherapy was the best thing I have ever done
– I feel like a different person now, calm and in control.  Thank you so
much for all your help and support.  I highly
recommend Katie, a wonderful, compassionate person.’

Mum – Bath